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Who We Are

Hadeya for Arabic software; authentic Arab company, originated in December 1996 .

Originated Hadeya for Arabic Software in order to contribute to the enrichment of the Arab market products useful, and a high level of quality and efficiency, as the company's mission is "to assist the Arab community through the company's products," the most important objectives of the company's customer satisfaction and achieve the requirements, which need of the product. And a continuation of the company's commitment to supporting the Arab user all the necessary company has provided many of the systems and solutions that meet the needs of a large segment of users, both at the individual level or at the level of institutions and companies.

Our Vision

We strive for the best leading institution in several areas, and a fundamental pillar of development in the Arab region, agents always believe they are getting them on better than they expect less than they expect, with multiple branches in the Arab world, and interested employees too, and make them happy to work there, and is always keen to improve them in all respects.

Our Message

Help the world progress and prosperity, and strive to make the world a better environment, and to facilitate what you can from each of the ways to deal with them to come forward and stabilize him.

Methodology Thought

Latest Technology

Creativity Infinitely


Websites Development

We provide advanced programming for databases allowing dynamic content creation and integration of databases. We have developed powerful databases such as:

  • Dynamic and Interactive
  • News Portal
  • Real state Websites
  • Business Directories Websites

Website Design

The good design of the website is the attraction and the first impression is formed from the client for the institution, as it determines how successful you are on the internet we are aware of it, and realize how important it is to you, so you company offers complete services to achieve what not to expect.


Together we review the services requested by the search engine backed by years of experience and success to work together on the development of your business.

Programs and Applications

The right strategies and the full impact on the business in a positive way, our engineers to develop a strategy for information technology correct for any size of business.

Contact Us

6 Abd El Hamid Lotfy st., from latest of Makrem Ebeed st.,

Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

+202- 26716225